Fresh to the Dew Process fam, Melbourne beat-maker forward slash legend Alice Ivy, talks us through her favourite songs that feature samples! We have to agree the below is one killer playlist! (With a few songs in there we didn’t even know were samples). 

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1. Camp Lo – Luchini (Aka this is it).

That horn line is serious fire, it makes me want to run a marathon. I love this song soooo much!

2.  J Dilla – Stop

There is so much emotion in this track around that Dionne Warwick sample. This song is the reason why I first got into sampling and also my favourite Dilla song.


3. Beyonce – Crazy in love

Do I need to say much about this? I reckon this is probably one of the most worldly recognisable songs, and a lot of people don’t realise that massive horn line is from the Chi-Lites,  ‘Are you my woman?’ . So sick!

4. Flying Lotus  – Zodiac Shit

This song is wild, the strings are sampled from an old Santana track. You just get swept into a dark hole and don’t know where you are gonna be spat out. This song is pretty beat heavy, it’s crazy how much of an impact those strings have on the song despite sitting back in the mix.



5. Kanye West – Gold Digga

Total banga, I don’t think it’s been overdone, this song is huge.

6. Onra – My Comet

I love this beat. This song is a classic example of putting life back into an 80s cheesy pop synth jam, don’t get me wrong, I love 80’s pop but this is just so much cooler.



7. Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees

Kendrick Samples Beach House on this. The song that I listen to when I ride to work at 6am in the morning.


8. Sugar Hill Gang – Rappers Delight

What’s not to love about a 14 minute extended song sampling Chic?


9. Jamie xx – Loud Places
This song is amazing, but listen to the sample Jamie XX used in the massive chorus. ‘Could heaven ever be like this’ Idris Muhammad, What a dream.

10.Run DMC x Aerosmith – Walk this way
The first hip hop song to reach number 5 on the billboard, this song is special and needs to be recognised as the first collaboration between a major rock and hip hop act. Super cool.


  1. Mia – ‘Paper Planes’

Another one of those cases where you’re like ‘ I had no idea that part of the song is a sample ?! ‘, I had to acknowledge the use of another rock sample in this beat, (The Clash – Straight to Hell). I also think M.I.A is one of the most badass female artists on the planet right now.


In March 2017, Alice Ivy released the blissed-out, electronic single ‘Get Me A Drink’ and within the last two weeks a tune we cant top pressing repeat to Be Friends’. Watch this space for album news coming soon!

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