In Australia, the average adolescent at one stage or another has usually had the thought in the back of their brain to take the leap and start a band. Many try but time is to be the decider and end moving on to other things within their lives. Further to that many don’t try at all. However, there are a select few that push the boundaries and create a unique sound that can one day lead them on to greater things.

Adelaide 4 piece ‘Bad//Dreems’ is one of those bands to do just that. Having first established themselves in Adelaide at a young age the band were rehearsing in an abandon fridge factory and managed to play their first show at a good friends house party because another band had pulled out.

Since then the group’s dedication and unique Australian ‘pub rock’ sound has thrown them right into the front and center of Rock & Roll in their homeland. This week Bad//Dreems hit the road with their second heavy hitting, beer clinking, pub smashing, foot stomping album titled ‘Gutful’ is non-fabricated first-hand look into the heart of the average pissed off Australian that is fed up with issues throughout the universe. The album has become a platform for topics they believe need a change, from politics to mental health awareness to calling out racism that sadly still exists in Australia.

Ahead of the tour, we sat down with Alex Cameron from the Bad//Dreems to gain a tactical insight into the album, as well as a full break down on the Bad//Dreems live show experience. Be sure to toss your carcass right into front and center at one of the 5 shows and enjoy the full Bad//Dreems Rock & Roll explosion.



Where are you right now? still in Adelaide?
Yeah just at work right now in Adelaide, Monday morning haha.

Oh, really you all still have day jobs?
What do you do when your not with the band? I’m in surgery

Woah, sounds technical. How’s the response been since releasing ‘Gutful’ in April?
Yeah good! Good to get it out there and see what people have picked up on, you know some of the songs have talked about the crap that has been going on in the world, and people have been really interested and talking about that, it has been really good.

For sure, the world seems to be a bit chaotic lately, would you say you have used this album to voice issues that your fans and others in Australia may be fed up with?
Yeah well, I don’t think we planned to do that, but that is certainly what eventuated in some of the songs. I think we just wrote songs about what is in our minds or things that are very important to us, and the last 18 months has been pretty hard to ignore, you know a lot of the bad things that have been happening in this world, some of the songs are in fact about how pissed off we and other people are about that. Just a record of its time and place.

I guess you could say it represents a minority in Australia that feel as though sometimes there opinions and voice are not recognised?
Yeah, I think so. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about social media and how a lot of the news comes from there, and with news come forums and comment threads and tweets and so on. I’m just so pissed off reading the stuff that people write from both sides of the political spectrum, with both sided being as ignorant as each other. There is no real problem-solving or discussion to fix the problems.

Politics is in a pretty scary place right now, Adelaide also had a lot of reference within the record?
Yeah definitely, I think it is the same explanation as previously spoken about, you are always going to write the best songs when you are writing about things that are real and things that are close to you. The first album (Dogs At Bay) was a bit more about where we come from but this one is more about the world we have seen as we have been touring around over the past few years. Half of the band is now living in Melbourne they have moved over there for jobs, but living in Adelaide we are able to gain inspiration for the record in both positive and negative ways.

We are bounded to the city that we live in, its refreshing to see a band talking about issues on their doorstep and trying to raise awareness around those topics. With half, the band living in Melbourne have you had enough rehearsal time as a group ahead of the tour?
HAHA! yeah we have, we have been meeting up on weekends and we actually played a little secret show last weekend in Adelaide to a few people. We reckon we are pretty ready for the tour. We have a bigger profile than what we did when we released the last album so will be good to see how fans react to these shows.

Sounds like a great time, the band has some pretty die hard fans and the shows look pretty fucking mental
Yeah people get pretty into it when they come and watch, certainly the young fellas around the front who love to jump around. And pleasingly lately there has been quite a few more woman coming to the gigs and there has always been a portion of your dad rockers up the back standing around nursing their stubbies. Our shows always bring a pretty cool eclectic crowd, one thing I particularly like is the parent/children combos that make it out, you have the 18-year-old kid with the 40 or 50-year-old parent, to me that is particularly heart warming.

I remember going to shows with my parents it is unbeatable experience people remember forever, I also saw a photo of a young woman crowd surfing in a wheelchair at one of your shows
Yeah, that lady is in Adelaide, there is also a couple of guys who are in wheelchairs from Melbourne that come along and they are always front and center. I don’t think they have been crowd surfing yet but I’m sure something can me done about that!

That is incredible you must get so psyched as a band before a show, to know your about to walk on stage in what your fan base is capable of
Yeah that has always been our thing, we have always aimed to do music that sounds best live, we have always been a live band in our existence. All the songs aim to sound good in a rehearsal room, so when they are in a live setting it sounds similar, we don’t have to worry too much about complex live set ups. Simple Music, Simple Rock & Roll people are always going to like that and always going to dance to it.

People are always keen to get pretty wild when rock and roll hit the speakers, it must be pretty surreal thinking you started out practising in an abandon fridge factory and your first show was at a friends party because another band pulled out. Now your about to take your second album on tour to the biggest venues in the country
It is pretty amazing it doesn’t sink in until you get there. To be able to play at these places and fill the space out it defiantly is a dream come true. It is weird to think when you see everybody at a show that they have all gone out and bought tickets before hand.

That is what you dream of growing up and now it has happened, anyway, I’m sure you have so much on today i’ll leave you to it. Any last words to people making it out for the any of shows?
Everyone just have a good time, look after those around you and just make sure you have a good time too!

Tickets for the ‘Gutful’ tour are available here. Cancel any plan you thought you may have because this is one that should not be missed.







Words: Izrayl Brinsdon