Get your ‘Wild Horses’ ready, as pop queen Bishop Briggs takes us on a playlist journey from around the world, a collection of music for you to enjoy that’s inspired from the places she’s lived and travelled over the years. The playlist will get you (and us) through the countdown until Miss Briggs hits our shores for Splendour in the Grass and some very special sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne this July.

It’s a pretty interesting mix if we do say so ourselves – listen via Spotify here and Apple Music here.

Declan McKenna – Brazil (London, England)

I was born in London, so I figured this would be a great place to start the journey – the song’s called “Brazil,” but he’s English. [laughs] This is a song that I think really shows a unique voice. He is such a cool storyteller. There’s something about this song…  the first time I heard it, I had to listen to it on repeat. I must have listened to it about 50 times in one day. There’s a brightness to it, but there’s also depth when you look into the lyrics. You really want to listen more and more the deeper you go. I really want to ask him what it’s all about. I have all these different theories about this song – it’s just incredible.

Jack Garratt – Worry (Buckinghamshire, England)

This is on here strictly because this is the song that I wish I had written. If I could, I would have put his entire album [Phase] on this list – but that obviously would have been a bit much. [laughs] The thing with this song is that I’m very drawn to writers where it seems they have no filter. They’ve written straight from their heart. The first line of this song is “My nights are broken up/By the sound of women/That I’ll never meet.I mean, that’s the first line! How crazy is that?

Francis and the Lights feat. Bon Iver – Friends (Los Angeles, United States)

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was introduced to Bon Iver through the song “Skinny Love.” I remember getting the album, For Emma, Forever Ago. To see this transition that he’s made from that into a whole different genre and world was something that I was drawn to from the beginning. I love this collaboration with Francis and the Lights. Kanye West is on this track too, which is always an added bonus. All three of those acts are people I really look up to as musicians and as writers.

Maggie Rogers – Color Song (New York City, United States)

She is one of my favourite artists right now. Not only is she such a genuine person, but she is insanely talented. I wanted to pick this song just to shed light on her work. I see really big things in her future. I love the production. I love the lyrics. I love the little elements of nature that weave in and out of the songs. I feel like this track encompasses all of the things I love about her.

Stormzy – Big for Your Boots (London, England)

There are only a handful of artists in the music world that, because of their energy and passion in how they’re delivering music and lyrics, they’re huge inspirations to every other artists. Stormzy, right now, is on the same level as someone like Amy Winehouse. People hear so much in these recordings and get so much out of them, it turns them into icons. I feel that way with Adele, as well – their voices are so impactful on their generation. That’s where Stormzy is at right now. I can’t wait to see him again at the festival – I saw him at Coachella and it was absolutely amazing.

Kyle feat. Lil Yachty – iSpy (Ventura/Atlanta, United States)

This is a song that’s been on repeat for me of late. The best way to summarise this song? The bass. The bass in this song, when it comes in, just hits so hard. I’ve been a fan of Lil Yachty for awhile now. For there to be a track that features his energy and his charisma… I just find it really refreshing. I’ve met him a few times – we were actually texting earlier today. He’s such an intelligent, kind person. I also just found out that he’s 19 – he’s so young!

Cage the Elephant – Trouble (Kentucky, United States/London, England)

The thing that I’m most excited about with performing in Australia is the fact that the audiences really seem to embrace risktakers. They’re unafraid of vulnerability and experiementation, from what I’ve gathered from artists that continually go back to Australia. With a band like Cage the Elephant, who’ve toured Australia a few times… they’re always reinventing, but they’re always staying true to themselves. I had to add in “Trouble” to the list, because I felt it had the perfect dose of experiementation and vulernability. They’ve really shown that they have the ability to transform, develop and grow as a band. This is the song of theirs that I’m listening to the most at the moment, but I’m a super-fan – you could ask me to name my favourite song of theirs and I’d immediately be able to list 10 off the top of my head.

alt-J – In Cold Blood (Leeds, England)

This is one of their most recent songs, and it’s one where there is so much going on in the production. It comes together so beautifully, though. There’s a lot of ear candy going on. There’s so much incentive to keep listening to this track over and over. You want to seek out every single element of this song. I’ve loved both of the songs that they’ve put out from this new record – this and “3WW” –  so it was very close competition as to which one would make it into the playlist. “In Cold Blood” is the most recent, however, and it’s the one that I’ve been listening to the most lately.

Vance Joy – Georgia (Melbourne, Australia)

I actually discovered Vance Joy after I’d visited Australia for the first time, which is weird. As everybody knows, “Riptide” just blew up and went absolutely crazy. When I got into this album, Dream Your Life Away, I was blown away by the intimacy of the lyrics. “Georgia” in particular, I thought, had a lot of what I enjoy in music the most – which is depression. [laughs] I was so drawn to this song. It has a fearlessness when it came to what he was writing about. I had to throw in an Australian artist, because I thought it was a good representation of my own journey – I came to Australia as a tourist, and now I’m coming there to perform my songs. I want to support as much Australian music as I can – especially if it means I find more Vance Joys. He’s someone I really look up to.

Drake – Fake Love (Toronto, Canada)

I had to throw in a Drake song. I feel like this playlist represents the places I’ve been and this tour that I’ve been on, and one of the places I got to go on tour in was Canada. Apart from Justin Bieber, Drake is probably the most famous Canadian in the world – so it seemed fitting to include him. This is a song that I think everyone can relate to, in a weird way. The production is so fresh, and there’s so much energy this to this song. Lyrically, it’s the perfect FU. It’s done in such a classy way, though. I’ve sadly never seen him live, but I’ve seen way too many YouTube videos of his shows – so I feel like I have. When it comes to this sort of music, Drake really is number one.

Bishop Briggs will be in Australia in July for Splendour in the Grass and sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne.

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