After experiencing a meteoric rise within the last 12 months, Melbourne duo SŸDE today take the next huge step of their careers by signing to Dew Process / UMA and releasing their brand-new single, ‘Above The Clouds,’ featuring NYC vocalist Olivia Reid.

The new single premiered on Home & Hosed on triple j and once again sees the young production team embrace their love of organic instrumentation in their compositions, laying the perfect bed for Reidto let her soaring melodies build.

SŸDE are made up of teenage duo of Will Hyde and Mitch Stephens, who both only just turned 18 and are still in the process of finishing their high school exams. Normally, those milestones would be more than enough for people their age, but the duo have spent 2017 chalking up plenty more off the back of the release of their superb debut single ‘Orbit’ feat. ASHE.

The single has gone on to clock up an incredible 12 million streams online and won them huge praise from Triple J, with the station’s head of music Richard Kingsmill declaring that, “With a simple but deft production touch, the duo has proven to have a hit on their hands with this debut single.” They went on to make the Top 5 Unearthed High Acts for the Class of 2017 for Triple J’s Unearthed High competition.

It’s true that the band have quickly established a signature sound – transforming acoustic instrumentals in harmony with contemporary original vocals, as a means to make music that they say is “a genuine reflection of who we really are.” 

Speaking about ‘Above The Clouds,’ the duo says they wanted the song to have a relaxed flow. “When we were writing the record, we just wanted to produce something which wasn’t too structured and had an easy going vibe, something that makes you smile when you’re listening.”

Meanwhile the pairing with Reid came via Youtube discovery, despite the fact that in the video they found of her she was singing in a completely different style. “We went through a lot of records on YouTube and came across a heavy, future bass track with Olivia on vocals. Despite it being a different genre, we felt her tone would work on a completely different style, ours being acoustic electronic. Not everyone understands our vision for the record, but after getting a really solid demo, we knew she was meant to be.”