Detroit indie singer-songwriter Flint Eastwood (née Jax Anderson) officially announced herself as a musical force in 2017 with the release of her EP Broke Royalty. That was in large part thanks to the might of the powerful and provocative lead single, ‘Queen’.

Ever since the battle cry rang out from the ceremonial horns that intro ‘Queen’, the music world has been on notice that Flint Eastwood is a new polymath artist with a lot to say and a lot of talent to express it with. Her music melds urban percussion and orchestral instrumentation, elements of hip-hop production and indie rock, all in order to create a huge foundation upon which she layers her commanding vocals. The resulting combination is a musical beast that sounds as ready for a packed concert stage as it does a heaving rock club.

‘Queen’ might be the song that has bestowed her with critical acclaim and a legion of new fans, but we wanted to know exactly who Flint Eastwood rated as her ‘Queens of the music scene’. So, she has very kindly put together this high octane Spotify play list for us, that she calls the ‘Badass Ladies Club.’

Featuring the likes of MIA, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, and our very own Sia, it’s a killer collection of some of the best music out there.

Check it below Flint Eastwood playlist here:

Flint Eastwood has just dropped a new video for ‘Rewind’. ‘Rewind,’ which has been regularly singled out as one of the standout tracks from her Broke RoyaltyEP, is a snapshot of all the elements that set Flint Eastwood apart from the pack. A hybrid of swooning electronic melodies, bouncing hip hop beats, a swaggering bassline, and a luscious chorus, the song is perfectly complemented by its new video’s colourful imagery and rapid-fire editing.

Flint Eastwood’s debut EP – Broke Royalty – is out now via Dew Process and has just been announced on this years Falls Festival line-up.