Armed with the ultimate synth-pop formula and a brand new album, Future Islands are here to light up the 10th of October with not only a selection of shiny, new music, but also a special live streamed performance. Known for their front man, Samuel T. Herring’s incredibly soothing vocals, and an ever-present funky base line, Future Islands will be appearing on our screens for one night only, all the way from their hometown of Baltimore.

3 years on from their previous release, The Far Field, their upcoming album As Long As You Are is a highly anticipated collection of works. Recent singles, Thrill and For Sure, have given us a taste of what’s to come on the new release, and we’re already sold. Thrill is tastefully melancholy and emotionally vulnerable, whereas For Sure is an uplifting and energetic love song. The contrast between the two tracks showcases the dynamic range of the group, and has us overflowing with anticipation for what’s to come on the rest of the album.

If you fancy catching a couple of live tracks from their new album, As Long As You Are, you better think quick as this will be your only chance to see them for the whole year! It’ll undoubtedly be a jam-packed show, full of tracks old and new, and you’ll definitely feel some of those tingles you get when you experience something special.

Our world was rocked (and continues to be rocked) with the release of their 2014 single, Seasons (Waiting on You). 6 years on, we’re still struggling to put our finger on what it is about the song that makes us a bit emotional. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia-tinted synth in the intro, or Herring’s comforting voice that somehow feels like home. This warmth and nostalgia is what Future Islands are renown for. Take one listen to tracks like North Star and Heart Grows Old and you’ll hear exactly what we’re talking about.


A Future Islands live show confirms what we have always known: their work is overflowing with heart & soul, with everything they have being laid out on the stage. Herring will leave you awe-stricken with his visibly fierce connection to every word he sings. You’ll also likely feel urged to move your body in time with his, as he pulls out some sporadic, sweat-inducing moves. Herring has an on-stage energy that is so captivating, often putting vocal spins on his lyrics work when performing live, which can take his range anywhere from Jazz Club crooning to Heavy Metal screaming in the space of just 5 seconds.

To us, there’s nothing like a bit of spirit-lifting Future Islands on an October evening. So set your alarm for 8pm AEST on October 10th, 2020, and click the above link to purchase your streaming tickets. And, as always, grab yourself a cheeky piece of merchandise if you’re keen to look the part for the big night!