Have your best dancing shoes polished and ready on Sunday 6th September, as Hot Chip take to Dreamland, Margate in the U.K for a live show. And, like the team players they are, they’ve been kind enough to live stream the event for those of us who can’t be there.

Hot Chip were fortunately able to join us in Australia for a few pre-lockdown shows in early March, so we can’t wait to virtually be with them once again for another BIG night. If there’s one thing we learnt in March, it’s that there ain’t no party like a Hot Chip party.

We’ve been dancing with these synth-pop veterans for nearly 20 years now, and have since come to know them as tastemakers among the multiple genres their music spans. With 7 tremendously consistent studio albums under their well-established belt, they’ve been successful in maintaining a strong relevance and sense of anticipation among fans who’ve been there since day dot.

A distinct, eclectic sound with a shelf life far exceeding 20 years is what results from intertwining the masterminds of Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor. Two artists with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of electronic music, and who’s own independent work tackles and triumphs musical genres not explored in Hot Chip’s current catalogue. This fortune of expertise plays a part in explaining Hot Chip’s success to date; their Mercury Prize nominated album The Warning, and Grammy nominated track Ready For The Floor have seen international recognition from early on, which isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Upon listening to their discography, you’ll notice the perfect precision and production quality in each track: often vulnerable vocals overlaying laser-sharp synths and instrumental, with every beat hitting it’s mark with the utmost sense of purpose and clarity. Their work spans from synth-heavy party tunes, to more subdued and almost delicate pieces work, wherein the vocals are given a space to shine on their own. The latter style is largely heard on their 2019 album, A Bath Full of Ecstasy. Tracks like Melody of Love and Why Does My Mind focus heavily on the vocals, accompanied by a more modest electronic composition. A Bath Full of Ecstasy has seen versatility in the group, showing us that whilst they are known for their electronic arrangements, they’re able to stretch their talents into other realms without relying solely on the synths.

Taking place in none other than a theme park(!!), Hot Chip are sure to bring all the energy and entertainment to the livestream that they’ve provided us with over the last 20 years. Just because we can’t be in the room with them, doesn’t mean we can’t still party with them. After all, livestreaming is the new black in 2020! 💃🕺

Worldwide Earlybirds sold out in under 24 hours. Limited first release tickets are on sale now! Get your virtual gang together, click the above link to snag your streaming tickets. The show won’t be available to re-watch once it’s finished, so jump in, and soak it all up while you can.