Sydney’s mischievous, politically-switched-on party boy Joyride is back with the new single ‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies,’ celebrating his love for baked goods and smirking in the face of authority.

Produced by powerhouse duo Hermitude, ‘ATC’ features Joyride’s booming voice boasting more soul and power than ever before, as it floats on a funk heavy bassline, alongside crisp beats and swooning synths. Lyrically, the single is inspired by the generous spirit that is the real life Aunty Tracey, who’s known to share her special homemade cookies when touring Australian musos play her town.

As Joyride explains, this song is dedicated to her as a representation of, “the great people around this country that go above and beyond for the artists they love, while they’re away from their families for weeks and weekends at a time.”

“We were playing in Melbourne and a fresh batch of cookies were resting next to the decks,” recalls Joyride, fondly/hazily. “My brother Nick Lupi kept eating them, and I had to insist he stop. Not for his wellbeing, not coz I wanted more, I just didn’t wanna babysit him.”

Also taking inspiration from Aunty Tracey’s kitchen skills, the video for ‘ATC’ sees Joyride team up with friend and celebrity chef Mitch Orr of Sydney’s ACME restaurant fame, to prepare his own special multi-course gourmet feast of dishes like Radishes With Sea… Weed Butter, Fettucine Truffle THC, Marron & Marijuana, and Hash Cookie with Potato Ice Cream, Salt Caramel and Ice Magic. The clip also has a cameo from his production pals Hermitude, who get to share in the spoils from Joyride and Orr’s Chef’s Table-esque effort in the kitchen.

“The missus is cheering, because I’d never had a real interest in cooking (I do all the cleaning) until we shot this video,” Joyride admits. “Mitch made it look so easy that I’ve cooked THREE TIMES since we shot. With that said, it was an incredibly hard day for me. I was too stoned from eating the food ‘we’ had cooked.”

Meanwhile, the collaboration with Hermitude is a pairing that Joyride has long been striving for. “This collaboration is proof that if you pester people for long enough, they usually cave. This song is 10 years in the making, and it’s only brought us closer. Sorry, Angus and Luke.”

As a musician, performer, DJ and social maverick, Joyride has entrenched himself as one of the biggest personalities in Australian music. His work with the One Day Crew and The Meeting Tree has seen him nominated for an ARIA and play some of the biggest events in the country – from major festivals like Splendour In The Grass to the immensely popular One Day Sunday block parties.

‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies’ is the latest single from Joyride’s forthcoming debut album Sunrise Chaser, which is scheduled for release in early 2018 via Dew Process / UMA. To celebrate it’s release, Joyride is also set to embark on an east coast Australian tour this October. See below for dates and ticket info.

JOYRIDE EAST COAST TOUR 2017 – Tickets on sale now here

October 19th – 
The Lansdowne Hotel, SYDNEY (with Left.)
October 20th – Northcote Social Club, MELBOURNE (with Haiku Hands)
October 21st – The Brightside, BRISBANE (with Tiana Khasi)