The Kingswood boys have torn it up in bars, clubs, hotel rooms and random people’s houses all around the globe, so we thought who better to ask for etiquette tips on the proper, respectful, and upstanding way to keep the party raging. The Kingswood new album –  After Hours, Close To Dawn – seems like an appropriate moment for frontman Fergus Linacre’s to share a few ideas that will ensure your big night evolves into one to remember, while you still manage to stay safe and sensible (within reason). Plus he’s thrown in a few war stories for good measure. Drink up and enjoy.



If you are going to be a legend and host an after party, make sure your folks aren’t coming home in the morning and hence you are freaking out about mess and noise and make us leave. Be up for it, skate ramps are also a bonus, although I can’t skate and one night in Hobart thought I could and dropped in and smashed my head and now I’m dumb… maybe… dunno.



Some may be familiar with ‘The Odds Game’, commonly credited to the Dune Rats, a game in which you define the odds of you performing a task posed by another, then if you both land on the same number within your given range, you MUST do it. One night out in Nashville I had Alex at 95 (very long odds) to steal the hat of a dude who was outside the bar over the road talking to a girl, and we both landed on the same number. The following is contentious – Al walked across the road and came to realize the couple was breaking up, she was tearing him apart, and he was in tears. Should Al have followed through and ripped the hat of this dude’s head, or returned to us empty handed…. Let’s just say the next day was sunny and Al didn’t get burnt.



When you lose your hotel room key and need to go to bed, you have a few options. Call a friend, speak to reception, go back to the bar to find friends, wait outside hotel, sleep on the floor. All of these are acceptable. Deciding the best thing to do is to scale the outside of a 12-story building, then climb down onto the wrong balcony, scaring the fuck out of some poor family, having the cops called, hiding in the closet, and having the band black-listed from a hotel chain, is the wrong choice. It also didn’t help that someone else fell asleep on the drain in the shower and flooded 3 hotel rooms. Don’t do that either, its expensive.



Can someone please tell the NSW government that after a show we have to pack up, load, drop the vans back at the hotel, and by that time its usually past 1:30am and you cant fucking get in anywhere and its bullshit change the law its stupid there are clubs in Melbourne that stay open for 3 days straight get your shit together.



Nashville is a second home to us. We’ve recorded both albums there and as far as kicking on after a show or long day in the studio, it has it all. But like anywhere you have to be careful. After finishing ‘Golden’ we were cooked but stopped into a bar to play shuffleboard (Wooly Mammoth in Brisbane has one but I’m unaware of any others in Australia, we need more). We had one beer and the girl at the bar offered us free fireball shots. We said “Yes please, thank you”, finished our game and headed home. That night and all the next morning we were all violently ill, and were trying to figure out what it was. Zack the studio assistant informed us that the bar we were at dilutes their house fireball with coolant fluid to make it last a little longer. Gross….wrong….dickheads.


Tour News | Kingswood have just kicked off their fifteen-date national tour with WAAX and Maddy Jane joining them on the road. All dates and ticket info here.

Album Release | Kingswood’s After House, Close to Dawn is out now. Listen, Buy, Steam here.