At only 24 years old, LA based Artist Bishop Briggs has become known for producing catchy tracks that become stuck in your head on repeat. With mesmerising songs which have already racked up more than 30 million plays combined in just over a year, it seems like Bishop Briggs is unstoppable.

Born in London to Scottish parents, then moving halfway across the world to Japan at a young age before settling down in Hong Kong with her family at just 10 years old, Briggs believes it was her diverse background that has been a large influence on her music today. Growing up surrounded by karaoke bars where she would perform in front of her family and hearing music from Motown musicians to the Beatles to her father often singing Frank Sinatra songs in karaoke bars, influenced her to pursue music.

Now living in Los Angeles, Bishop Briggs did the hard yards in the early stages of her career, playing any bars and venues she could with very little crowds. Fast forward to 2015, where she recorded her first single ‘Wild Horses‘ followed by ‘River‘ and ‘The Way I Do‘ then received a phone call that confirmed her support on Coldplay’s upcoming tour of America last Autumn.

There is no slowing down for Briggs, her first live T.V performance was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in late 2016 performing ‘River‘ and has since released her fourth single ‘Pray (Empty Gun)‘ and self titled EP.

In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Briggs states that “If I’m not authentic, I might as well as be dead. Pursuing a creative field is giving a piece of your heart, over and over, and it’s not generally appreciated — nor should it be. It makes you who you are.”

Bishop Briggs will be playing this year’s Splendour in the Grass and shows on the East Coast. All info on tour dates can be found here.

Check out Bishop Briggs self titled EP below: