Moonbase (FKA Moonbase Commander) today rises from the depths of Sydney’s underground bass scene to deliver what is the first certified banger of 2017, with the massive team collaboration ‘It Don’t Matter,’ featuring superstar emcee and Grammy-nominated artist, Anderson .Paak.

Created in the internet ether between Sydney and Los Angeles, the track marries Moonbase’s signature basement production. Dark, grimy and custom made for darkly-lit dancefloors – with Paak’s effervescent vocals, punctuated by echoing hollers of the track’s title, here is “It Don’t Matter”.



Moonbase (real name Nick Luke) says the collaboration came easy despite the two artists coming from very different worlds.

“He’s amazing,” Moonbase declares of the west coast rapper, singer and performer, whose 2016 album, Malibu, was universally praised. “Usually with collaborations you’re expected to workshop beats to get it to a place you’re both happy with, and see how the song develops. But with Anderson, it was a very clear vision from both ends.

The finished product, he adds, “is quite different from Anderson’s other stuff. It’s more abrasive and left-of-centre. He did a great job of pairing up his vibe with my beat. I think they really compliment each other.”

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