After a three-year hiatus, Australian electro rock pioneers PVT have finally returned to the fold with the release of a new track and video ‘Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend’ and the announcement that they’ll be releasing the album New Spirit in early 2017 via Create/Control.

The trio of Richard Pike, Laurence Pike and Dave Miller have forged a career on constantly breaking the boundaries of expectation and conformity with every new album release, and now with their fifth LP they are looking to stretch further into the realms of experimentation and surrealism with a myriad of soundscapes and musical structures inspired by both the Australian environmental and political landscape.

We asked Richard Pike from the band to shed light on the creative process for the construction of New Spirit by putting together a list of some of the music that helped inspire the record.

Some music that influenced NEW SPIRIT – by Richard Pike

1. Nathan Fake – Neketona
2. Holden – Renata
3. Cliff Martinez – Son of Placenta Previa
4. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks
5. Giant Claw – Deep Thoughts 004
6. Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas
7. Luke Abbot – Whitebox
8. Alex Cameron – Mongrel
9. Augie March – Definitive History
10. John Lee Hooker – Tupelo Blues
11. Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
12. The Knife – Silent Shout
13. Napolian – Rejoice
14. The Drones – Taman Shud
15. Aphex Twin – #3
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“So, here’s some of the hot artists I was listening to when writing New Spirit. There’s a love of futurism in the instrumental tracks, and a steady amount of rawness in the lyrical content. Our new record has (hopefully) both those things.”

“One of my fave UK post-techno labels Border Community is represented here, with the holy trinity of Holden/Abbott/Fake.”

“The digital plastic weirdness of Giant Claw and OPN, which is the future of music, I’ll tell you that for free.”

“The sex and starkness of FKA Twigs; the ambient beauty of Cliff Martinez’s soundtracks and the perennial Aphex Twin; Leonard Cohen with his third eye, and Aussie legends Augie March and Drones taking the cake.”

PVT – New Spirit is released February 17, pre-order it now.