Record Store Day is one of the best Saturdays of the year for vinyl collectors and appreciators alike. Get out there this weekend and support your local artists and trusty stores; check out some live performances and hunt for something cool. We hit up some of our fave hot-spots and asked the staff to recommend a curated selection of records they’re into right now. Here’s what they had to show us.

Strangeworld Records

@vintagecrop, @thestrokes, @stonefield, @amylandthesniffers, @civic

Polyester Records

@warpaint, @caribou, @totallymild, @kelela, @runthejewels, @bettydavis

Strangeworld Records

@rikandthepigs, @sonicyouth, @tomlyngcoln, @tvhaze, @ciggiewitch, @nickcave, @eddycurrentsupressionring

Oh! Jean Records

@cosmicpsychos, @nas, @kikagakumoyo, @fazerdaze

Dixon Recycle 

@roxymusic, @kimwilde, @wham, @barbarastreisand, @prince, @madness

Vinyl Revival

@kingkrule, @pattismith, @gorillaz, @spoon, @johncoltrane, @ice-t

Vinyl Revival

@protishead, @thebeachboys, @kinggizzardandthelizardwizard, @neilyoung, @animalcollective, @halsey

Roll up your sleeves and get digging!