Hello everyone! It’s Tony from The Avalanches here, coming to you from the lockdown centre of the universe, Melbourne, Australia. What a crazy year it’s been so far! Every festival around the world cancelled, people in lockdown bored out of their minds. 

A collective test of the patience and kindness of humanity. But together we will reach the other side of the Covid pandemic more appreciative of the little things in life. A meal with loved ones, a gig on a Friday night, three day bender’s at Splendour. I can’t wait to feel the energy of the people who’ve been denied being in the heaving mass of a sweaty crowd. The collective energy of the joy of watching and listening to live music washing over everyone as we remember just how fucking fun it is! To be one with the fans, one with the bands, all together having the time of our lives. Man this is what we look forward to the most!

While we wait for the happy days to reappear, we’ve been working tirelessly on finishing a record and releasing some songs. We hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard so far. We have dropped two more singles. One “Take Care In Your Dreaming” is more of a hip hop flavour and has some killer verses by Denzel Curry, Sampa The Great and Tricky. A truly all-star line up. The second one “Music Makes Me High” is a house jam that expresses the joy that music brings to all our souls, and how uplifting it can be. Especially poignant in these times. Music is Life! We hope you guys really dig these songs.

Can’t wait to see all your lovely faces when we can start to tour again really soon. Stay safe, stay positive and always always have as much fun as you can!


Tony Avalanche 🙏🏻

WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU will be released on 11 December but you can pre-order it HERE today!


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