One of the U.K hip hop scene’s most distinguishable voices, Mike Skinner of The Streets, has a new and entirely collaborative album, None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive. 

Jumping out of a 10-year hiatus and making a perfectly timed landing, Skinner’s latest release features a special element we have never seen from The Streets before: artist collaboration. Having never released a collaborative piece previously, The Streets are covering a totally new territory with the release of a mixtape featuring 14 different artists across 12 tracks.

Having previously worked in predominantly Hip Hop & Garage music, Skinner is taking a dive into the genre pool, and taking drum & bass, grime and punk under his well-experienced wing. Whilst working with a new series of genres, Skinner’s mixtape borrows beats and voices from some of the world’s most exciting emerging artists by the names Hak Baker, IDLES, Ms Banks and our very own, Tame Impala.

The result of the above is a collective of diverse pieces, each in a style unique to that of the featuring artist/s. The mixtape is best listened to with a decent set of headphones so as to best catch the poetic and witty lyrics, highlighting Skinner’s pure, relatable, human-ness. As displayed throughout the mixtape, it’s clear that he really is just a real human being with real human tendencies, one of which being the constant attachment to our phones, and our lack of desire to respond to anyone who tries to contact us on them.

Mobile phones, and our undeniable attachment to them, is a re-occurring theme throughout the mixtape, and is most thoroughly explored in Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better, where Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker sings “I was gonna call you back, I swear, just as soon as I felt up to it”. In all its brutal honesty and subtle humour, it’s evident that the creation of his new release has been a genuinely entertaining return for Skinner after 10 years of absence.


Whilst most commonly described as a mixtape, in Vice’s ‘A-Z of making a mixtape’ video, Skinner mentions it’s actually more of a ‘duets album’. Whichever way you look at it, it’s certainly an exciting and selfless artistic choice on Skinner’s part. To include such a varied array of artists in your own work creates not only a prime chance for experimentation as an artist, but also the perfect opportunity for fans old and new to discover a catalogue of artists they may not have otherwise known.

Mike Skinner, along with his band, are giving the new release a spin in the form of an intimate live performance at EartH in Hackney, London. Jump online on the 6th of August 2020 to catch a pay per view livestream of the mixtape performed in all it’s glory (that’s 7th of August for those of us in Australia, NZ & Asia). Tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster, and optional donations to the U.K’s anti-racism education charity, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ can be made upon checkout. The performance will be the band’s first in 15 years, so don’t miss it!

Purchase your tickets HERE.

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