Can you even believe that it’s been ten years (10!) since The Wombats released their debut record ‘A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation’?

So it only seems fitting the boys would put on a bunch of shows while out here for Groovin The Moo to celebrate. Here’s a few words from the locally adopted heroes:

“Hey Australia, so we’re playing Groovin’ the Moo this year and we thought whilst we were over, it would be rude not to do some sideshows as we’re celebrating 10 years since the release of our 1st album! Our 1st baby is 10, we can’t believe how much he’s grown. We look forward to having a few massive birthday parties for the little blighter. Hope you can make it! – PS New music coming this year!”


Get tickets now:

Wed 3 May – Festival Hall (Melbourne) TIX HERE
Mon 8 May – Opera House (Sydney) TIX HERE
Thu 11 May – Metro City (Perth) TIX HERE