2016 has been a massive year for Tired Lion.

After signing with Dew Process earlier in the year, the Perth four-piece has gone on to establish themselves as one of the major forces in modern Australian rock – not bad for a band who were only just Unearthed by triple j last year.

They’ve dominated the local airwaves with the breakout singles ‘Not My Friends,’ and the recently released ‘Agoraphobia’, triumphantly toured both Australia and Europe – including  playing the likes of Latitude and Glastonbury festivals – and delivered one of the most barnstorming sets of this year’s Splendour In The Grass festival (ask anyone that was there and they’ll agree).

They’ve just finished a huge national tour supporting Violent Soho , alongside The Bronx and Luca Brasi, but before they were too flat out to get a hold of, we asked each of the band members to name a couple of their all-time favourite records in order to provide us and their ever-growing army of fans a little bit of insight into who they draw their influence from both as songwriters and as as dynamic live performers.

John Frusciante – Smile From The Streets You Hold
“I like this album because of it’s true reflection on Frusciante at the time, my favorite albums are always a little melancholy. A lot of the songs were recorded in-between Red Hot Chili Peppers studio sessions when John was struggling with the ‘unwanted fame’ the band was amassing and during the drug battle he eventually lost. I believe the songs are a snapshot of the fucked-up place John was in (and thankfully made it out of).”

Weezer – Pinkerton
“There is always the argument of Blue Album vs Pinkerton; I love them both but Pinkerton wins in my books. It was like the catchy fun elements of blue had been re-captured into a raw harder hitting album being Pinkerton. I love how the guitars are huge while the drums sound like they’re right there in the front, AND THE RIFFS!!! The album at times almost juxtaposes the two states of Rivers, one being a ‘rock star’ and the other being a ‘normal’ person. In the song ‘Tired of Sex’ talks about how he is over one-night stands with groupies, while ‘El Scorcho’ explains his crippling shyness in talking to a girl he likes.”



A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders
“This record means a lot to me. Not only does it feature one of my favourite rappers Q-tip but it also has a lot of sentimental value. I remember waking up early on a Saturday morning to meet my friends at the train station so we could go skate in the city. This record was always my go-to to put on while I was on the bus heading in. I would put the track ‘Award Tour’ on and it would always get my hyped to skate. I love this record to this day and still  find myself listening to it.”


Spring King – Tell Me If You Like To
“This record came out earlier this year and I’m really in love with it. I remember first hearing of Spring King around January or February of 2016 and was absolutely in love with the sound and vibe. When we toured Europe I was lucky enough to see them a couple of times as we played on the same festivals as them. I guess every time I put the record back to takes me back to those festivals and those great moments on tour.”


Vocals and Guitar

Sigur Ros – Ágætis byrjun
“This is probably the most hypnotic- influential record I’ve ever listened to. It merges dark enchanting drones and vocal melodies that ultimately lead to what I can only describe as a sonic stupefacient euphoria. Oooh. To put it more simply this record takes me into a semi-unconscious state of mind.  You could say my train of thought becomes unrestricted as the entirety of the album remains unstained by lyrical associations. I can’t actually understand what Jónsi Birgisson’s is expressing as it is in his native language (Icelandic) and sometimes in a fictional language that he has created.”


Happyness – Weird Little Birthday
“I’ve always been a sucker for Low-fi bedroom recordings but I’ve never discovered a record with so much diversity. From fuzzy pop tunes to melancholy ballads it honestly feels ‘Weird Little Birthday’ is the beautiful integration of my favorite bands all in one hit. From Pavement to Pumpkins to the intimate soul sucking of unexpected/ intriguing lyrics I’m stuck in a place that is what I would call the best of both worlds. One second I am taken to a place that is over the moon completely happy without a care in the world, and next I’m taken on a bipolar journey back to the pits of colour.”



Dookie – Green Day
“This album has always resonated with me, as it was one of the first punk albums that I heard back in the 90s. My older brother was always an influence on me musically and after hearing bands from Offspring, NOFX and Pennywise blaring from his bedroom, green days album Dookie was the one that took on my full attention. Their punchy melodic guitar riffs and melodic tongue and cheek vocals just infected me to the point where I had to pick up a guitar and borrow my brother’s distortion pedal so I could learn their tunes.”


The Living End – The Living End
“I feel that most 90s kids in the Australian rock/punk scene at some point has crossed paths with this album. Its blend of classic Aussie punk rock mixed with Brian Setzer influenced rockabilly was a sound to behold. It’s right amount of “fuck you” attitude and mind blistering shredding encouraged a wider range of listeners to the current “commercial” punk rock that was destroying everyone’s ears at the time. As a punk kid in 7th grade I have a solid memory of one day hearing all the kids on the school bus belting out ‘Prisoner of Society’, which to me was shockingly blissful to be able to connect with my classmates musically for a least one day.”