A proud South Londoner of Bangladeshi and Irish heritage, Joy Crookes is a singer-songwriter, an instrumentalist, and a Brit nominated rising star. Defying genres, her timeless vocals are reminiscent of a bygone era and communicate her stories and reflections with a presence and lyricism that could only exist today. Her first studio album, Skin, is a statement of selfhood, the DNA of what makes her Joy Crookes as well as an examination of the relationships that have shaped her.

With special guest Liyah Knight

An artist like LIYAH KNIGHT is a rare find. The Sydney based songwriter and musician has stirred a new energy into the Australian music scene, effortlessly combining genres to create a unique sound that is truly her own.

Armed with a voice and sense of storytelling that is both intensely personal and yet immediately accessible to any listener, the25year old has emerged as a bright new voice that Australia is finally waking up and taking due notice of.

Liyah’s presence as a performer has already been marked out as an exciting one to watch. And as her creative and personal journey continues to be navigated through some passionate and evocative music, the public is soon to get to know a side of Liyah Knight that has graduated to a newer and deeper level of self-understanding

Secret Sounds

Melbourne with Liyah Knight
Tuesday 19 Jul '22

Sydney with Liyah Knight
Wednesday 20 Jul '22

Auckland with Liyah Knight
Sunday 24 Jul '22