It only takes Sean Casey six words to cement ‘Eleven’ as an absolute classic Last Dinosaurs song.

As, “If I lose my head I’m sorry!” interrupts the swirling guitars and boom-boom-bap drumming that open this brand-new single, you can almost hear rapturous crowds already singing it back to him from packed rock clubs and swarming festival mosh pits in the not-too-distant future.

‘Eleven’ also sends shivers through its showcase of Sean’s vocal range. Slightly affected, like it’s being blasted out of an AM radio, one minute he’s soaring high and recalling Discovery era Daft Punk, the next he’s diving to his lower register and delivering a vintage Julian Casablancas. It’s subtly emotional, slightly jagged, and slathered in a beautifully distorted sheen.

The band have also announced that they’ll be embarking on an East Coast tour that will see them play a unique offering of smaller venues in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, performing a combination of classic tracks and future classics they’ve now loaded into their arsenal and are set to launch in the not-too-distant future.

Taking inspiration from ghost towns in Japan, to neon cityscapes in America, the record is an eclectic mix of music and influence that sees Last Dinosaurs recapture the vitality and dynamism they made their mark with, while pouring in the experiences they’ve had on the road and in life along the way.



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