Brisbane and Melbourne will get a taste of the future as 21-year-old Norwegian artist, Sigrid, hits The Corner and The Triffid this March.

First noticed in her native land at the age of 17 after accompanying her brother for a performance, Sigrid followed her musical muse all the way to a fated co-writing session with some big shot producers. Unfortunately (for them) it didn’t work out, as they patronised the young singer, talking over her and de-valuing her ideas. Scorned by the process, Sigrid did what good songwriters do best: she wrote a song about it. The resultant single Don’t Kill My Vibe has turned into something of an anthem of self-empowerment with its defiant hook: “you think you’re so important to me don’t you?” ringing out across over 23 million Spotify streams and marking Sigrid as a star in the making. As fierce and confident as they come, Sigrid’s enthusiasm for her craft is infectious and undeniable. Like a super-charged Joni Mitchell set against sparkling production, she is destined to wow Australian audiences on her first trip here in 2018.

Tickets on sale now! 

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