The Babe Rainbow have unveiled national tour dates in celebration of their self-titled debut album, featuring the single “Peace Blossom Boogy” as heard on triple j and featured on Spotify Australia’s New Music Friday. The album is out now with love on Flightless Records via Inertia Music in Australia and New Zealand and being released internationally through Dangermouse’s 30th Century / Columbia on Friday July 14.

What if we all felt ready for something spectacular?

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Up on earths centre through the seventh grade exploding.

Hello? We want to know everything about the new BABE album.

Let me get Cool-Breeze for you…

It’s just jungle music really. You know? Don’t drop an H-Bomb on the HUMAN STOMP (music). Green growing things. The professional brotherhood. Modern Retro. We met a young Parisian/Venezuelan de gustibus non est disputadum (there was no disputing about tastes). Australia? A very nice type of country. And if you’re a Babe Rainbow fan you’d probably agree that Australians are very nice people. 


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