In 2014, exhausted after four years of non-stop touring, the six members of the Head and The Heart pointed their individual compasses to new cities, new relationships and new adventures.

When they regrouped in the summer of 2016 in Stinson Beach, CA, to start writing together again, “it almost felt like we were a new band, trying things we hadn’t tried,” Zasche recalls. “We stayed at a bungalow on the beach. We’d wake up, have coffee and go boogie boarding. We were ready and excited to be back together.” This culminated in Signs of Light their third studio album, full of indie-pop gems like ‘All We Ever Knew’ and ‘Turn It Around’ – must-see live staples that feel like they could be mountain-scented lost tracks from Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage; a throwback that feels cozy and stylish at the same time. Don’t miss Seattle’s finest this summer in Melbourne!

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Secret Sounds
The Head And The Heart

Thursday 1 Mar '18