In anticipation of their next single ‘Handyman’ releasing soon, Triple One have announced their biggest Australian tour to date, hitting five cities this May & June.

Triple One will take their hyperactive live show to Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane & Sydney; marking their first headline shows of 2020 and the official welcome for their hugely-hyped single ‘Handyman’. Forever changing the landscape of local hip-hop with each release, Triple One continue to surge forward in 2020 and the accompanying tour will further solidify their reputation as one of Australia’s most intense and essential live acts.

$1 from every ticket sold on the ‘Handyman’ tour will be donated to Women’s Community Shelters, to provide “direct relief of suffering of disadvantaged and homeless women by establishing new shelters in partnership with communities.”

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Friday 29 May '20

Saturday 30 May '20

Sunday 31 May '20

Friday 5 Jun '20

Saturday 6 Jun '20