As an artist and songwriter, Yungblud lives to stir up the raw energy of rebellion. On his self-titled debut EP, the 19-year-old Northern England native confronts everything from gentrification to disenfranchisement to addiction, turning each track into an infectious anthem that packs endless cathartic power.

With his frenetic take on alt-pop equally inspired by punk, hip-hop, and UK garage, Yungblud makes brilliant use of his breakneck flow and tongue-in-cheek attitude, delivering pointed lyrics without ever getting heavy-handed. “I want my music to always have a message, but I don’t want to preach to anybody,” says Yungblud, otherwise known as Dominic Harrison. “When people preach to me, I completely switch off—like, ‘Why are you trying to tell me to do?’ This music’s just an outburst of emotion and anger, and everything else going on in my head.”

Throughout Yungblud, the London-based artist shows the nuance of his songwriting, turning out instantly catchy protest songs that reveal the personal toll of political tensions. His debut U.S. single—and the EP’s most heartbreaking moment—“I Love You, Will You Marry Me” takes its title from a real-life, ill-fated marriage proposal spray-painted at a public housing project in South Yorkshire.

For Yungblud, each song begins with a blast of outrage, then finds its form through lyrics both fantastically irreverent and full of heart. “I grew up on all these amazing lyricists, like David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen and Chris Difford from Squeeze, so making music that’s got some poetry to it is really important to me,” Harrison points out.

And in Yungblud’s live show, the impossibly hopeful spirit of his songs becomes even more potent and powerful. “I want it to be mad at my shows, everyone jumping around and having a laugh,” says Harrison, who’s now gearing up for a spring tour with K.Flay. “Mostly I want everyone to feel like we’re all in this together—we’re all fucked but it’s okay, because we’re the ones who are the future.”

After wowing crowds at this year’s Splendour in the Grass and selling out headline shows, Yungblud will be returning to Australia to play Mountain Sounds Festival in February. Keep your eyes peeled for further tour news…

Saturday 9 Feb '19

Party In The Paddock 18+

Friday 15 Feb '19

Mountain Sounds Festival 18+