Violent Soho share with us their pre-show playlist that got them through their recent huge spring tour that saw them in front of a sold out crowd of 8,000 fans in Brisbane.

Hand-picked by bassist Luke Henery, these are the tunes Violent Soho have been blasting backstage before their shows and includes a broad swathe of Aussie hard hitters like Eddy Currant Suppression, The National and CERES with deep cuts from tour mates Luca Brasi, Tired Lion and LA gods The Bronx.


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  1. Ceres – Roll Ur Eyes
  2. Tired Lion – Agroraphobia
  3. Luca Brasi – Drop Out
  4. The Bronx – Heart Attack American
  5. The SHRINE – Acid Drop
  6. Gyroscope – Doctor Doctor
  7. Eddy Current Supression Ring – Anxiety
  8. Thigh Master – Company
  9. Deafcult – Akira
  10. The Spirit Of The Beehive – Short Walk
  11. Bearhug – Over the Hill
  12. Sancho – Something to Talk About
  13. Meat Wave – Brother
  14. The Nation Blue – Australian of the Year
  15. Massappeal – Deadheads
  16. Slotface – Sponge State
  17. Honeyblood – Killer Bangs
  18. Camp Cope – Lost (Season One)


Catch Violent Soho at Falls Festival.